Wohnungscoach offers practical living for you!

Then you are the perfect candidate for Wohnungscoaching 'to go'!

Wohnungscoaching is a professional discussion of your troubles in terms of housing and living. As a Wohnungscoach I will provide you with a variety of highly individual suggestions, that are quick and easy to follow.

A wide range of qualifications help me to deliver a fully comprehensive handling of your matters. I work with empathy and a rich imagination in order to optimize your way of living.

Our talk will take place outside your home preferably in my office near Ostbahnhof. This strategy will guarantee an impersonal assessment of your needs. Also it will help you to open up your mind to new perspectives and options.

Advantages of Wohnungscoaching 'to go' - fast and efficient

Abase your descriptions and with the help of sketches I will provide suggestions that may help you to feel happy at home again!

Are you curious about Wohnungscoaching?
Get in touch with me by mail or call me on +493021092660. I am happy to provide further information to you and arrange a meeting.

I look forward to meeting you in person!

Yours sincerely
Wohnungscoach Dorothea Etzler

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