Wohnungscoaching is my Passion!

In 2014 I founded the company 'Raum-Service' in Berlin and offer 'Wohnungscoaching to go' in my office space.

My work as a 'Wohnungscoach' benefits from comprehensive architectural knowledge, vast creativity and imagination as well as from my ability to listen empathically in order to meet your needs.
I favour all aspect of practical living and prefer sustainable strategies. Instead of suggesting to buy new furnitures I'd rather recommend to keep what you already have at hand within your four walls.
My major topics cover the fields of reduced space, optimal organisation of space, multi functional spaces and flexibility.

Since childhood I am interested in the field of living and housing. Having optimised my sister's doll's houses I dived into reading professional architectural publications. Whenever I entered a room as a child in my mind I began to furnish it as a private home. Each void in my exercise books I filled with drawings of fantasy floor plans.

At the Technical Universty of Berlin I graduated with a Master of Architecture (Engineering Diploma). In London and Berlin I worked as an architect in the field of refurbishment of residential buildings. At present I work part-time in the filed of newly planned residential projects in Berlin, optimising their floor plans.

I further work within the field of Fine Arts. I create room specific installations and design spaces by means of video light.

As part of the exhibition "Modell Bauhaus" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, within an art installation by Christine Hill, I had the pleasure to offer the service of housing advice for the first time. I easily generated happy customers and decided to continue on that path beyond that exhibition.

In 2013 I attended a 9-month full-time program to qualify as a 'Trainer-Coach-Mediator'. The intensive training helped me to broaden and deepen my consultation ability comprehensively.

My customers value my vast creativity as well as my professional architectural knowledge. My suggestions follow the principle of 'Practical Living for You' and are easy to follow. I listen empathically and fully respect your privacy and needs.

Are you curious about Wohnungscoaching?
Get in touch with me by mail or call me on +493021092660. I am happy to provide further information to you and arrange a meeting.

I look forward to meeting you in person!

Yours sincerely
Wohnungscoach Dorothea Etzler

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